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Customer Testimonials: (regarding surgery for urinary stress incontinence) 

(all quotes taken with permission only after (except Carissa Murphy) the statements were made).



Having the TVT sling for urinary stress incontinence was "the best thing I ever did."  "I love it."   "I can exercise with confidence now" that I do not have to worry about losing urine.  - Karen Eames


"I am very happy with the results."  "I do not know why I waited so long to have the procedure done, I love it." - Julianne Reaume


"The surgery has improved my life, it's great."  "I am very happy with it, I do not regret doing it at all, I wish I did it sooner." - Christine List


"I should have done the surgery years ago, I love it."  "I am telling all my coworkers to have it done."  "It really is a common problem" that woman have. - Dawn Vanderwater


"I no longer have any incontinence, the sling was awesome."  "I have been recommending it to my friends." - Nadina Virag


"I no longer have any urinary incontinence, none at all."  "It has improved my quality of life." - Janet Rasbeck


The procedure "has been wonderful."  "I lose no urine, not even a drop."  "I used to lose urine with coughing, laughing, and sneezing, and playing sports." - Carol Walters


"Having the TVT sling has allowed me to participate in activities with my children, such as jumping on a trampoline, playing kickball, hopscotch, and many more activities that I wasn't able to do before. No more worry and I'm enjoying life to its fullest again." - Carisa Murphy


"I cannot be happier with the sling, I love it, it is amazing."  "Dr. Caporaso is amazing, I do not have to think about losing urine anymore." - Judy Huckle


The results of  "the surgery has been amazing, it's been a miracle."  "I have told all my friends that they should do it."  "If there is something out there that can quickly fix the issue you'd be crazy not to do it." - Lori Schmidt


"I have recommended it to my sister. I told her it will be the best thing you ever do."  I have recommended it to my friends too." - Suzanne Hardy

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